I’ve been putting off setting up a blog for far too long. There’s been a bunch of content worth talking about, but it’s been blocked on this grandiose ambition to rethink the medium of the digital written word. If you wish to write a blog from scratch, you must first invent a whole new blogging engine.

Hopefully that’ll still happen. For now, let’s try low fidelity things and validate that I can even commit to the blogging thing. GitHub Pages. Jekyll. Minima. All content, zero yaks to shave.

Besides the usual first blog post drivel, this post accomplishes two additional things:

  1. It demonstrates that Jekyll is properly configured to extract excerpts and put that content on the home page.
  2. It forms the starting point of a personal challenge. It’s 2021-04-18, let’s see how long and how many system transitions the “permalink” of https://zeroindexed.com/jekyll-begins can survive.


2021-05-08: Added this changelog.

2021-04-18: Published.